Regardless of the questions below, please be sure to read the competition rules.
What is the deadline for entering the competition?

You can enter the competition until 31 March 2024 using this form.

How to enter the competition?

You can enter the competition by completing this form. You must include a link to the work you are submitting and we recommend that you also attach your portfolio.

Is there an entry fee?

Submitting the entry is free of charge.

If I send a formally incorrect application, will I receive feedback?

Each submittion receives feedback on its status. Applications send by March 19th may have formal errors corrected.

What is the main prize in this competition?

The KAF Young Art Prize will award three ex aequo main prizes of €12,000 each. In addition, all the finalists will receive an exhibition fee of €400.

How much is the prize in PLN?

The prizes for the winners and the remuneration for the other finalists will be paid out in euros.

Will special prizes be awarded in the competition?

There will be no special prizes in this year's KAF Young Art Prize.

Does my entry have to be entirely in English?

Yes, the language of the competition is English, so your entire application (bio, portfolio, statement) must be in English.

What is the age limit for entering the competition?

To participate in our competition, you must be of legal age and no older than 35 years old (at the time of filling in the application form).

Do I have to be a debutant to take part in this competition?

No, you do not have to be a debutant. Your work may have been exhibited before, but it must be your property – it cannot have been sold or belong to someone else's collection.

How many works can I submit to the KAF Young Art Prize?

From 1 to 3 painting works.

Can I submit a work that consists of more than one painting?

Yes, polyptychs can be submitted to the competition.

What is the maximum dimension of a work that is composed of more than one painting (polyptych)?

The longer edge of a set of paintings when arranged side by side must not exceed 250 centimetres.

Can the size of the works exceed the dimensions stated in the regulations?

Unfortunately no. Only differences within the limits of measurement errors will be tolerated.

Can I submit a work that was created before 2022?

Unfortunately no. Only works of art that were created after January 2022 can be submitted to the competition.

Does the competition organiser cover transport costs?

KAF covers the costs of transporting the works to and from the exhibition. Within the borders of Poland, this is the entire amount, and in international shipping it is up to PLN 500 (this is the maximum amount that KAF will reimburse to one participant).

What will happen if a work is damaged in transport?

Transport and insurance issues will be agreed with each finalist individually. We are planning to take out insurance policies, but we reserve the possibility of not providing them if for some reason this is not possible.

How many people will make it to the final?

Between eight and twelve people will get into the final.

Will I get feedback if I do not get into the final?

All people who have entered the competition will receive an email informing them of the results once the list of finalists has been selected.

If I am a finalist in this competition, will my work be purchased by KAF?

All finalists will receive an exhibition fee or one of the prizes. Participation in the final exhibition is not tantamount to the purchase of the work for the KAF collection.

When will the jury interviews with the finalists take place?

The interviews will be held on predetermined dates in May/June 2024.

Can I take part in this competition if I do not live in Poland?

Yes, the KAF Young Art Prize is an international competition and you can participate in it from anywhere in the world.

Do I have to turn up in Wrocław for any stage of the competition or is it held entirely online?

All formal parts of the competition will take place online – coming to Wrocław will not be necessary. However, we would like all the finalists to attend the opening, so we will cover the travel costs for those travelling from Poland and reimburse travel costs up to a certain amount for those travelling from other countries. We will also cover the costs of accommodation in Wrocław.

Will there be an award ceremony?

The announcement of the winners will take place at the opening of the final exhibition.

When will the opening of the final exhibition take place?

It will take place on 14 June 2024.

Will the finalists be involved in the assembly of the exhibition?

No. The assembly will be carried out by the professional KAF team.

Will the organiser cover the costs of coming to the assembly of the exhibition?

No, as the assembly will take place without the artists' participation.

Will the exhibition include all the works submitted by the finalists?

The exhibition will feature works by all the finalists. However, the number of featured works by each artist may vary – we reserve the right to show only selected paintings.

How do you define painting?

For the needs of the KAF Young Art Prize, we understand painting as broadly as possible, without defining this medium in a way that would limit the extent of creativity. However, we would like to remind you that digital art or video works are not painting. We also do not accept works that cannot be transported, such as murals.

How will the winners be chosen from among the finalists?

The jury will make its decision after seeing the original works, talking to the finalists and having an internal discussion as part of the deliberations.

Why was the KAF Young Art Prize competition created?

Krupa Art Foundation has established the KAF Young Art Prize to support artists at an early stage of their development. The competition is also an attempt to find the right place for such projects and the role they could play.