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The announcement

Krupa Art Foundation would like to announce a new international competition for young artists – KAF Young Art Prize. The initiative is part of the Foundation’s mission of supporting contemporary artists.

The KAF Young Art Prize is an international art competition for young artists working in the medium of painting. At the turn of spring and summer, a final exhibition will be held in Wrocław and three of the finalists will receive financial prizes.

The competition is intended to support artists in the early stages of their careers

By awarding the prizes, KAF wants to enable them to explore new avenues and experiment without worrying about the immediate future. At the same time, the prizes are meant as a recognition of the most interesting new developments and explorations in the field of painting that have emerged over the past two years.

Although it is a competition, it does not fully adhere to the traditional competition formula. To broaden the circle of appreciated and supported artists, three equal prizes will be awarded to three of the finalists, without identifying a single “winner”. All the other finalists will receive an exhibition fee. This reflects the aim of the competition, which is to promote excellence and encourage exploration in artistic decisions, not to create clear hierarchies. Another important role of the KAF Young Art Prize is to overcome divisions in the artistic community and to give young artists greater visibility within and outside the art world.

In a time of crisis for art competitions in Poland, as well as for the competition formula itself, the establishment of a new event is an attempt to find the right place and role for such projects. To bridge the gap between the institutional world and the artists, the jury of the KAF Young Art Prize will include one of the previous year’s laureates.




photo on the homepage: Kateryna Aliinyk, Double Cropland, 2023, Courtesy of the artist, photo Alicja Kielan/Krupa Art Foundation